Soar above the competition with our drone services at Valet Marketing. We specialize in capturing stunning aerial views of properties in the Greater Toronto Area, adding a dynamic perspective to your real estate marketing. Our state-of-the-art drones provide breathtaking images and videos that showcase the full scope of a property, from its surroundings to unique architectural features. Whether it’s highlighting the grandeur of a luxury estate or revealing the potential of a development site, our drone services offer a fresh and captivating way to present listings, making them stand out and leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.


Why are Drone Shots better?

Helping our clients utilize the power of digital marketing 


Drone unlocks limitless possibilities of unique aerial shots. Our drone photographer captures the best quality images of your property from multiple angles.


If you are searching for drone videography services in Toronto, then look no further as Valet Marketing is your one-stop solution. We provide the best quality drone videos to meet your high expectations.


Drones provide an efficient and cost-effective inspection of your entire property.


Our drone photography is an outstanding addition that highlights a building or area.

Project Recorded

Having drone records for a project or building that shows the updates or condition.


Drone photography is a safe alternative for workers at heights and in other dangerous areas.

Drone for Inspection

There are so many benefits of drone use in the inspection industry. Drones are a much safer and more cost-effective way to check insurance claims.

Building Roof

How Valet Marketing operates

Our Drone photographer set the time of filming as we prioritize your schedule over ours for your convenience. So book your timings now as we work to accommodate your schedule.

Our team of Drone photographers will come at your desired time and date to film your residential or commercial property.

Unlike many other Drone photographers, we do not restrict our clients from using the films on social media, other websites, or anywhere. So feel free to spread your word with us!

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